The 101st UTokyo Medical Education Lecture

Subject Validity Studies on the Assessment of Clinical Reasoning Skills Using Patient Notes
Date September 21st (Thu), 2017, 6pm – 7:30pm
Venue Conference room #333, 3rd floor, Medical Library,
The University of Tokyo at Hongo
Associate Professor,
Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Project Associate Professor, IRCME, Graduate School of Medicine
The University of Tokyo

Summary In 2012, the United States Medical Licensing Examination introduced a new patient note format as part of the Step 2 Clinical Skills examination, requiring examinees to provide justification for their differential diagnosis. Examinees document up to three focused diagnoses, in order of likelihood, and list the positive and negative findings from the history and physical examination that support these diagnoses. Changes to the patient note format has prompted medical schools to revise the assessment and instruction of clinical skills. This lecture presents a synthesis of five patient note validity studies across five years. The following topics will be discussed: patient note scoring rubric, data gathering skills between the standardized patient encounter and patient note, justification of diagnoses, case specificity in clinical reasoning, psychometrics of patient note scores, and multisite trends across seven medical schools in the United States.

The video of the 101st UTokyo Medical Education Lecture will be available in this page in two weeks from the lecture.